Investment Resources

One RSTCA Global Investment Resources

At the core of the RSTCA Edge is our ability to drive value creation through our global footprint, corporate resources and One RSTCA collaborative culture. An integral part of this effort is the Global Investment Resources team. Working alongside our investment professionals, this team delivers strategic and operational support to RSTCA investment teams and portfolio companies.

Philosophy & Approach

RSTCA’s investment philosophy is to partner with great companies and management teams, providing them with tools and resources to create value and grow. The Global Investment Resources team helps to translate our One RSTCA culture into services and capabilities supporting our investment process and portfolio companies. This team coordinates with our investment professionals and advisors, including Operating Executive and Advisor consultants, to create value during the investment lifecycle. Our approach ensures that RSTCA’s global network, deep industry knowledge and operational expertise are applied to our investments.


Global Investment Resources delivers strategic and operational support to RSTCA investment teams and portfolio companies in two key areas—Transaction Resources and Portfolio Resources.
Transaction Resources: The team provides RSTCA’s investment professionals with project-based support and technology solutions to leverage the firm’s resources and relationships generating a competitive edge in sourcing, diligence and deal execution. For investment teams, this means working with trusted internal advisors who can deliver: insight and data on historical transactions during diligence; competitive positioning in a bid process; and differentiated revenue growth or performance improvement opportunities that leverage RSTCA’s resources.
Portfolio Resources: Once RSTCA invests in a portfolio company, the team offers an array of value-added services and capabilities that can be tailored to support the investment. The team focuses on strategy & revenue growth, performance improvement and corporate intelligence & support.

• Strategy & Revenue Growth: Working directly with portfolio company management, the team supports business development strategy & planning, new customer acquisition and international market expansion.

• Performance Improvement: The team provides tools for portfolio companies to create value through operational performance improvement and leveraged purchasing support including: negotiating master service agreements and preferred vendor relationships that leverage the scale of RSTCA’s portfolio; and developing and disseminating best practices for common areas of cost such as indirect purchasing, information technology, real estate & energy, labor & health benefits, and insurance & treasury.

• Corporate Intelligence & Support: Portfolio companies can access RSTCA’s internal research, communications and government affairs teams on issues relating to macroeconomic forecasting, marketing/branding and the changing regulatory environment.