Own Projects



Portfolio Company (Major Shareholder)

  1. RSTCA BOOKS AND PUBLICATION: Self Help, Investment, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development books
  2. International Journal for Entrepreneurship & Small and Medium Enterprises
  3. RSTCA Power and Construction Pvt Ltd- Contracting for EPC contractor for Infrastructure, Hydro-power, Building and Housing
  4. DTN MARKETPLACE – Full Fledged Online Shopping Marketplace
  5. RSTCA Healthcare- Trading, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Factory
  6. RSTCA Jobs and HR Firm
  7. RSTCA Import Export and Trading:
  8. RSTCA Lion’s Den Investors Pitching
  9. RSTCA Education + RSTCA HARVARD EDUCATION CONSULTANT- tie up with more than 1000 university globally for education
  10. RSTCA Awards & Club
  11. RSTCA Agro Industries
  12. RSTCA Travels and logistics Project
  13. RSTCA Business and News Blog
  14. Women with Vision Foundation: Women empowerment foundation helping women entrepreneurship
  15. RSTCA EVENTS MANAGER- event management company for global events, conference, musical event, award shows, marriage functions
  16. RSTCA MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT- handling management of corporates all around the world, marketing, finance, accounting, operations, quality management, business development, strategic partnership www.rstca.com.np
  17. Iclickcart- Premium Luxury Brand Online Shopping
  18. RSTCA Finance Company
  19. Lions Den Hotels & Resorts Group

Minority Share Portfolio

  1. Mics for Youths- 10%
  2. Prince Dance Paradise- 25%
  3. Sujwal Education Consultancy – 50%
  4. Mahamaya Investment- 50%
  5. Subjot Holidays- 25%


  1. Hydro-power (EPC, EPC+F, Consulting)
  2. Real Estate
  3. Harvard Educational Group
  4. RSTCA Hospitality and Travels
  5. RSTCA Business Blog
  6. tM- Online Shopping
  7. Prince Dance Paradise
  8. Mics For Youth
  9. RSTCA Jobs and HR Solutions
  10. RSTCA Executive Education
  11. Astro Rishi – Vedic Astrology LInk to Future
  12. Women with Vision- Women Empowerment Incubation Center
  13. Mens Incubation Center
  14. RSTCA Business Incubation Center
  15. RSTCA Management Advisers
  16. RSTCA Information Technology
  17. Lion’s Den Investors Center
  18. Billionaire Club
  19. CEO Club
  20. Best Entrepreneurs Award
  21. RSTCA Events Planner
  22. RSTCA Arts
  23. 1000 Ways to Make Millions Without Working
  24. Easy Success
  25. BuyandSellBusiness.com

To invest with us send us a mail at pe@rstca.com.np