RSTCA Capital

We perform various Portfolio Investment in Share Market and Other Ventures.


A Customized Solution to Your Investments in Equity and Fixed Income Instruments.

As a licensed portfolio manager, RSTCA Capital manages over NPR 570 million of funds of individual and institutional investors who aim to build a diversified portfolio with minimized risk and maximized returns.


We will assist you to identify your needs, determine your risk profile, define your objectives, and finally, set your investment strategy. We work diligently to ensure optimal returns on your investments by building your portfolio from a range of asset classes, such as equity and fixed income instruments. You can choose between the following two unique services that suit to your requirement at best:

  1. Discretionary Portfolio Management
  2. Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management


As a licensed merchant banker, we work as a Depository Participant (DP) and offer you DEMAT account services. The DEMAT account helps you convert and hold your securities in electronic or dematerialized form. With a DEMAT account, risks associated with holding your securities in physical certificates are eliminated, and transactions of securities are made more efficient. Moreover, the DEMAT account makes holding your securities hassle-free with the help of its proper recording and immediate transfer facilities.

Our Depository Participant (DP) & DEMAT Department provides the following services:

  1. Opening of Beneficial Owner Account (DEMAT Account);
  2. Dematerialization and re-materialization of securities;
  3. Safeguarding of securities in electronic form;
  4. Settlement of trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts;
  5. Facilitating in pledge/unpledged, freeze/unfreeze of dematerialized securities;
  6. BO to BO (Beneficiary Owner) transfer of securities;
  7. Family name transfer/ death name transfer of securities;
  8. Mero Share online DEMAT portal service.
  9. Other functions as allowed by laws and regulations in regards to securities depository.

If you wish to open a DEMAT account with us, you can find the electronic form below. We will open a DEMAT account into the centralized national depository and give you an account number, also known as BOID (Beneficiary Owner Identification Number). This is used for the transaction of your securities.


1) For Individuals:

  • Application form (Annexure 12 : as per CDS Byelaws, 2068)
  • Agreement between Beneficial Owner and Depository Participant (Annexure 15 : as per CDS Byelaws,2068)
  • Citizenship copy (in case of minor, copy of birth certificate issued by government and citizenship copy of guardian)
  • Passport size photo (in case of minor, PP size photo of minor and of guardian)
  • Bank account details of Beneficial Owner

2) For Institutions:

  • Application form (Annexure 13 : as per CDS Byelaws, 2068)
  • Agreement between Beneficial Owner and Depository Participant (Annexure 15 : as per CDS Byelaws,2068)
  • Registration Certificate and PAN certificate copy
  • MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Article of Association) copy
  • Copy of Board Minute with decision to open the BO account
  • One copy of passport size photo and citizenship copy of the account operator
  • Bank account details of Beneficial Owner


RSTCA Capital Corporate Finance Advisory wing his raising USD 100 million of debt and equity for emerging enterprises in five different sectors. We work with enterprises at all stages of expansion to provide them with financial advice on a broad range of corporate finance issues, and capital optimization strategies.

The services include raising capital and providing corporate finance advice, predominantly to young and growing enterprises. With expertise in nine sectors, our advisory team will work with you through a wide array of services, as listed below:

  1. Preparation of Business Plan: We prepare a comprehensive business plan, which depicts a roadmap for your project. To your requirement, the business plan will include market analysis, regulatory requirements of the service or product, operating strategy, financial projects, and financial viability of the project.
  1. Business Valuation: We provide focused business valuation expertise from start-ups to mature companies by performing in-depth research and analysis of your company. Standard valuation methods are performed in order to appraise the value of companies. Business valuations are done for the purpose of merger, acquisition, financial reporting, raising capital, renegotiating debt financing, public offerings, and capital restructuring.
  1. Raising funds: We initially advise you on different investment tools to raise capital based on cost, business cycle, and risk appetite of you project. Subsequently, we assist you in developing an effective financing strategy and in securing the capital necessary to advance with your strategy through private placement or public offerings.
  1. Business due Diligence Service: In order to best minimize the risks associated with investment, we provide independent assessment, and comparative analysis of a business or project. In addition, we also review the business’s financial position, its commercial factors, and taxation affairs in order to carefully design the due diligence.
  1. Customized Service Package (For Hydropower Companies): We have studied and mapped the hydropower industry in Nepal. With this service we assist you in developing a customized financial intermediation package for your hydro project and help you to manage the finances and capital structure in different stages of your hydro project.


Private Equity and Venture Promotion Service is blended with true professionalism and RSTCA Capital’s expertise to provide/arrange capital as well operational support to the growing companies. Our expertise lies in unlocking values of the companies with growth potential during different stages of deal-making. Our team extensively works in creating values for both portfolio companies and investors, that last long.


  • Due Diligence: We conduct business due diligence of the portfolio investments. Under this, we provide independent assessment and comparative analysis services. The due diligence covers, but not limited to, macroeconomics and industry analysis, management due diligence, legal advises, financial due diligence as well as modeling, growth strategies, and exit options.
  • Valuation Services: We provide valuation service based on company’s management, the composition of its capital structure, the prospect of future earnings and market value of assets to determine the worth of an asset today. The market value we conclude is regarded as “the Fair Market Value of the Company”.
  • Negotiation:  With Fair Market Value of the Company, we assist in negotiating between parties to close the deals. We creatively structure our deals to protect our clients against dilution of their equity investment.


  • Networking: We leverage our networks to create and open new business avenues for the companies.
  • Business plans: We prepare and update the comprehensive business plan of portfolio investments through in-depth research and analysis. This helps us support our client to upgrade the value of the investments during investment period as well.


  • Exit Strategy: We prepare an early but right exit plans for our investors and companies. We do so by conducting regular valuations.
  • Finding Strategic Buyers:  We leverage our network to find the right strategic buyers for our investors and companies. These include banks, private equity funds, venture capital funds, angel investors etc.


Leveraging our experience in Nepali capital market industry of Nepal, we serve our clients with the most appropriate market research on the product, services, and regulations governing capital markets.

Under this service, we conduct:

  • Research on capital market: By far, Nepali capital market still struggles to mature out of its infancy period. At RSTCACapital, we leverage this as an opportunity to bring out more flexibility and creativity to conduct our research. Each of such study helps us utilize and apply the knowledge to help the market reach its full potential. In this course, studies on IPO valuation, private equity, FPO ratings, FPO share valuation, etc. become the most important ones. We have successfully carried out studies on the same issues. Similarly, we have also conducted numerous research for Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) and Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).
  • Macroeconomic Insights: Our research team provides a monthly-insight on the macroeconomic trends in Nepal. Such insights are to serve the purpose of providing a hands-on update on the relevant indicators such as inflation, money supply, monetary and fiscal policies.
  • Independent Research on Industry & Companies: We conduct rigorous fundamental and technical analysis on individual companies. These analyses help identify undervalued and overvalued companies and subsequently use the information to aid trade stocks and make an investment decision. Industry research also helps us identify trends and future outlook for various industries.
  • Individual investors: Serving the purpose of helping individual investors for their informed and wise investment decisions, we publish a weekly technical analysis of the secondary market.