Business Consulting

Developmental Project

  1. Projects for Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Ease finance
  3. Capacity building for Entrpreneurs
  4. Management Training
  5. Financial Literacy
  6. Marketing Channels
  7. Database Building
  8. Marginalized Group Support

Training and Development

  1. Share Market (Basic, fundamental, technical, in-depth, advanced)
  2. Soft skill (personality development, presentation skills, public speaking, leadership and much more)
  3. Accelerator- Entrepreneurship Development
  4. Diploma- Management and Accounting
  5. Incubate- Entrepreneurship Development

Accounting and Audit Service

  1. Tally- Training, Implement and Support
  2. Audit- Business Financial Service, Corporate Finance, Valuation, Financial Risk Management, Regulatory and Compliance, Advisory
  3. Accounting- Payroll, Accounting Outsourcing, Human Resource Accounting, Project Accounting
  4. Tax- Corporate and Business Tax Consulting, Vat, Capital Gains, Executive Service, Audit, License and Incentives, Preparing Tax Returns and filing


  1. Sales and branding- b2b sales and leads generation
  2. Digital marketing- profile making to marketing

Management Consulting

  1. Software development and implement
  2. Template making and implementation
  3. Standard Operating Procedure Making
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Quality Management Implement

Corporate Training

  1. College corporate
  2. Corporate training to Business House


  1. Venture Capital Fund
  2. Angel Investors Network
  3. Investment Consulting
  4. Business Networking