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Welcome to RSTC Capital (Raj Sharma Holdings)

  1. If you have funds and are interested in Investing in new ventures Ideas
  2. If you want to be a business partner and start your own ventures
  3. If you feel you need manager for your funds
  4. If you are looking to diversify your funds in other market

Project Finance

We help to consult and invest in various Infrastructure, Mega Structure, Projects, Hydro-power, Mines and Others. If you wish to need support from our side for finance then contact us at to know more about our fund please do follow the link. We have basket of projects with IRR of around 10-40% annually. If you wish for consortium or fund raising for your venture then you can contact us.

To know more about the services on Investment Consulting follow the link INVESTMENT CONSULTING PROPOSAL.

To Invest in RSTC Capital Fund

Private Equity Global Fund 1
Angel Investor Fund $10,000.00 USD
Venture Capital Fund $100,000.00 USD
Private Equity Fund $500,000.00 USD
Mezzanine Fund $1,000,000.00 USD
FDI Large Fund $10,000,000.00 USD
Project Investment Fund $ 100,000,000 USD