Lion’s Den- Pitch Your Business Idea

Lion’s Den- Investors Pitching

Pitch your business idea in front of Investors and Consultant.

What you need to present?
Your Ideas in a 2 minute Business Presentations where there is full explanation of all business model and other details. Details will be mailed to all the applicant who applies for the session. Those who qualify for next round need to submit detailed project to due diligence team.

Who can apply?
Business generating profit and positive operating cash flow can apply for the Lion’s den.
Business need to be sustainable and long run survival in this competitive world.
Those who are ready to answer all the questions on the program.

Where is the Venue?
Venue will be circulated among all the participants after they qualify for presentations. It will be a closed event. Privacy during the event will be highly confidential and there will be non disclosure agreement between both the parties before performing pitching.

Why to apply?
If you are seeking genuine Investment, Mentor-ship, Guidance, Support for your business then it will be a best platform to apply for.growth and investment.

How to apply?
Submit your Business Profile with basics at mail
If you are selected for second round the fees for application is NPR 25000 each which includes training. You can call us at +9779840200230 to reserve your seat. Fee of NPR 25000 is non refundable and after your qualify for the pitching you need to visit with brief proposal for 10 minutes business pitching.

What we need to submit at Business Profile?
1. Business Basics (Legal)
2. Business past track record
3. Financial Highlights
4. Product List
5. Market List
6. Major Customer Base
7. Investment Basics (ROE, NPV, IRR, GP, NP and Required Investment)

Google form to Submit Profile

Doc Form to Submit Your Profile Click Lions Den Application Form