Investors Relations

How we work with investors?

1. Investment Scouting- identifying local companies
2. Create and review an Investment Policy Statement
3. Conduct asset allocation studies
4. Perform investment manager searches
5. Generate quarterly performance reports
6. Provide third-party analysis of Plans
7. Run quarterly attribution reports and risk analysis
8. Create annual investment manager due diligence reports
9. Provide customized services tailored to our clients’ investment objectives
10. Conduct on-site investment manager visits
11. Organize custodian review and searches
12. Run monthly reconciliation of investment managers vs. audited custodian statements
13. Oversee transition management
14. Attend Board of Trustees meetings
15. Business Diagnostics
16. Due Diligence Audit
17. Negotiation and Term Sheet
18. Deal Closing
19. Investment Monitoring for registering as a Investor please do follow